Vietnamese Dong News: Trends & Revaluation Rumors

Shopping Guide for Vietnam August 29 2015

Vietnam is truly a shoppers’ paradise. The place offers the best-value clothes, woodwork, lacquer ware, faux jewelry, and embroidered goods. You can even bargain the prices down to as much as one third of the original cost.

If you are visiting Vietnam, have a look at some of the finest places to get the best shopping deals during your visit.

How to Make Money in Vietnam August 22 2015

Vietnam’s economy has been growing at an annual rate of 7 percent over the past two decades. As a result, the country has been quite successful in attracting foreign direct investment over the last five years.

Vietnam’s attractiveness to foreign investors is mainly attributable to the country’s geographic location, abundant human resources, economic and political stability and open government policies encouraging FDIs. In order to ensure consistent flow of foreign investment, Vietnam is continually introducing reforms to develop sound economic policies for lucrative business environment.

If you are a foreign investor and looking to invest in Vietnam, have a look at some money spinning options that can ensure a consistent flow of revenue for years.

3 Most Inspiring Contemporary Art Spaces in Vietnam August 15 2015

With a plethora of historic museums and temples, Vietnam boasts a rich cultural heritage which makes it distinctive among its neighbors. In addition to its traditional art sites, the country features a number of visual art studios and open spaces which provide platforms for global artists to display their collections and have discussions related to visual art and culture.

For art lovers, here is a list of some contemporary art spaces which can offer a unique peek into the creative practices of Vietnam.

3 Best Businesses to Invest in Vietnam August 12 2015

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing Asian economies. The country’s dynamic business environment characterized by large workforce, low wages, changing consumer attitudes, increasing wealth, and growing urbanization, is pushing the country through remarkable economic changes. This is the reason why investors from virtually all parts of the world are increasingly venturing into the Vietnamese market.

While a number of industries are experiencing strong growth in the local market, consistently emerging opportunities and changing market forces are making it challenging for investors to identify the best path into the market.

For investors seeking to put their money into Vietnam’s market, here is a brief guide on choosing the right sector for greater returns.

4 Ways to Travel around Vietnam June 27 2015

Transportation is one of the unusual experiences you’ll have in Vietnam. It is a kind of adventure that is hard to find in any other part of the world. When it comes to luxury and comfort, Vietnam’s transport can’t be compared to that of European countries; however, its connection with the culture gives an authentic experience that is distinct to this quaint country.

Whether you want to get a closer look at the simple, peaceful village life or stroll around the bustling streets of the urban setting, you can take one of the many conveyance options to not only explore the indigenous life, but also make your trip memorable. Here are some different ways that can move you around in Vietnam.

Choosing the Right Investment Advisor in Vietnam June 20 2015

Vietnamese economy has been flourishing and it is the best time to invest in the country. While planning to invest in Vietnam, it is best to take help from an expert financial advisor to make the best investment decision.

If you find it hard to determine which investment advisor could be the best for you, consider these factors to assess various options and make the right decision.

Travel Safety Issues to Consider When Visiting Vietnam June 13 2015

It is commonly believed that Vietnam is an unfriendly place for travelers. This is mainly due to the perception that Vietnamese are resentful to the foreigners coming from countries that might have colonized their homeland in the past.

Although Vietnam had raised barriers around itself after years of colonization, modern Vietnam is much more affable and welcoming to foreigners. In fact, in some cities, such as Hanoi, much of the local business is now driven by tourism.

While the country is much safer than before, it is far from immune to crime or health and safety threats. Knowing the safety concerns before planning a trip to Vietnam is crucial to understand the risks and how you can make yourself safe and secure.

How to Find the Right Business Partner in Vietnam June 02 2015

Partnership can either glorify your destroy your business, because of which it is extremely important to choose your business partner carefully to ensure success.

Ideally, business partners should come from different backgrounds and carry diverse skill sets to provide cohesiveness to the partnership that no single partner could achieve individually. While distinctiveness brings diversity to a partnership, it may sometimes become a reason of conflict. There are examples of many businesses that were initiated by partners, but failed to succeed.

Although managing a partnership may be a little challenging, it is the most viable option when entering a new geographic market. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in Vietnam, here are some tips to help you find the right business associate for your business.

Visiting Vietnam during Tet Festival May 16 2015

Tet Festival or Lunar New Year Festival falls between late January and early February. Officially, the festival comprises first three days of the lunar calendar; however, the celebration spans nearly a month.

Typically, the festival is celebrated to thank Gods for the arrival of spring and the departure of harsh, cold winter. It is the time when families reunite to say goodbye to the departing year and ring in the New Year with new spirit.

If you want to experience Vietnam in the best way, Tet Festival is the right time to visit the place. Here is what the festival can offer you.

Top Places to Eat in Vietnam May 09 2015

If you are visiting Vietnam, Vietnamese food should be amongst the top things to experience during your trip. The country’s food is not only the reflection of the Vietnamese heritage, but also explains the foreign influences on the local customs and traditions.

You can find here a large number of restaurants offering casual dining, fine dining, and buffet. By combining the rich natural flavors with refined culinary creativity, these restaurants offer a wide range of local, Asian as well as western foods.

Preparing for a Trip to Vietnam? Here’s What You Should Do May 02 2015

After proclaiming independence in 1974, Vietnam has gained rapid popularity as an attractive traveling destination. Every year, the country welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world.

You must have read a lot about the places you should visit or things you should do when traveling to Vietnam. Here, we are presenting a brief guide as to how to prepare for a trip to Vietnam to make your visit interesting, safe, and pleasurable.

5 Must-try Dishes in Vietnam April 27 2015

Whether you are vegan or a high-carb French food lover, Vietnam offers food for every taste bud. While the northern part of Vietnam offers more of Chinese-influenced cuisine, the other areas are full of European influenced delicacies.

If you are new to the country, you may find it difficult to decide what to eat to experience the real flavors of the local food. So, here is a brief list of some of the best Vietnamese foods you should definitely try.
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