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Before you go to Vietnam, You should… October 31 2014

In the previous blog, we talked about the amazing tourist spots that Vietnam has on offer for tourists. If you have decided to visit Vietnam to check out those spots, read on!

One of the worst things you can do on your vacation to Vietnam would be, to follow the guidebooks to the letter. The better strategy would be to use the books as a guideline and add some exploration into the experience. There are many hidden and unseen places in Vietnam that you will not find in the pages of a guidebook.

Vietnam is a Tourist’s Dream October 25 2014

Vietnam is full of historically significant buildings, culture, and heritage. There are pristine beaches and scenic spots that would take your breath away; these are just some of the attractions that Vietnam has for visiting tourists.

Is Vietnam the Next China? October 18 2014

China, quite recently, became the second largest economy in the world. This staggering pace of economical progress is widely recognized as the fastest and largest growth made by any country in the world. The feat seems impossible to repeat, but not in the eyes of Vietnam.

Is Vietnam Expensive for Vacationers? October 11 2014

One of the most important things that you will need to know before you depart for your Vietnamese vacation will be the actual costs of everyday essentials in Vietnam. The following information will give you a ball-park figure of all the expenses that you can expect on your vacation. To avoid being overcharged for items, it is better if you purchase Vietnamese Dongs before you leave. At, we offer the best prices for VND and all types of bank notes are available.

Bitcoins Acceptance Announcement February 26 2014

These days, the financial market has been greatly revolutionized. One of the new trends that you will find is the crypto-currency. This term is used since the creation of this currency employs military-type cryptography so as to avoid fraud. Bitcoin is a new kind of money which makes use of peer-to-peer technology in order to facilitate various kinds of transactions. This payment system is open-source and decentralized. With that in mind, the use of this cryptocurrency is will not be regulated and will not require bank transactions. Any transactions would just be between the parties involved.

Typical Features of Vietnamese Paper Money January 24 2014

Since the unification of Vietnam, the country has always faced crisis due to the day by day downfall of the currency. Nowadays, the official and national currency for Vietnamese paper money is Dong, usually abbreviated as VND. The Dong paper money can be purchased in Vietnam only as it is issued by the state bank. A typical Vietnamese paper money has a portrait of Ho Chi Minh, who is known as the former leader and the Founder of Vietnam.

Largest Money Denomination in the World Nowadays, How Vietnamese Dong is Ranked? January 24 2014

The Vietnamese Dong has recently been negatively rated. Its worth is decreasing day by day, which can be seen by the number of dominator paper currency. The outlook of a currency plays a vital role in the recent market. The currency is the only way for a country to have access in the international and capital market. The Sovereign foreign currency exchange rates help a country to foster and grow with stability and determination in the international market.

Investors, collectors, and travellers are buying Vietnamese Dong December 29 2013

One of the currencies that have taken the world for a swing in this era of dropping indexes and high inflation rates is definitely the Vietnamese money or abbreviated to be known as the ‘VND’. For those of you, who are unaware of what the currency is, it is a regular state currency issued by the State Bank of Vietnam, similar to ‘dollars’ as they call it  in USA or ‘Dinar’ as they are known in the Islamic countries, obviously the exchange rates of the currency being totally different. Now irrespective of your status, of being an investor, collector or traveler, buy Vietnamese dong and you are talking about some lucrative profitability and long term security assets.

Benefits of Buying Vietnamese Dong for Collectors and Travelers December 17 2013

For those of you who love the collection of coins and notes as a hobby, the Vietnamese Dong is certainly a good option to work with. The reason why collectors love to buy vnd is that this currency is always readily available and can, therefore, be easily accessed by many people. For collectors, there are many options to choose from. It is possible to choose options from Vietnam banknotes, coins and stamps ranging from old age to modern currency pieces.

Benefits of Buying Vietnamese Dong for Investors December 17 2013

These days, many people are looking for ways to invest their money into ventures that will earn handsome rewards. As an investor, it is always wise to consider your options before committing any of your hard earned earnings into an investment venture. Of course, investment comes with its own risks, but there are some ventures which are considered to be relatively safe and stable so long as they performed in the right way. The decision to invest into the Vietnamese dong has become very popular. Many investors nowadays are choosing to buy Vietnamese dong with the hope of getting good returns on their money.
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