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Since 2011, thousands of customers have found the reliability and incredible value of Buy VND - the right choice to buy Vietnamese Dong. Other firms offer only shady transactions, as they can be outright scams, or offer only limited products and confusing shipping practices. Not so when you buy Dong currency. Our focus is to provide you with exactly what you require, at the right price, and in time – every time.

Your purpose for buying Dong may be to prepare for a trip to Vietnam, or perhaps you are a collector and buy Dong through expensive middlemen. If you are investor, rest assured when you buy our Vietnam Dong, you are receiving quality currency at the lowest prices. We are here to satisfy you.

Previous customers of our business have raved about our services, rating the company five out of five stars based on price and turn-around time in shipment. It’s comforting to know that your Dong purchase is in such good hands, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

As a staple of your purchase, we sells authenticate and uncirculated note, withdrawn straight from the State Bank of Vietnam. When you buy Vietnam Dong from our website, you also receive a certificate of authenticity with your order to verify your purchase. Rest assured that you are dealing with best when you work with our website.

There is no middleman when you purchase Dong from Buy VND, so you aren’t paying a commission to someone who simply passes along your notes. In fact, your direct purchase from us ensures you a low and competitive price, no matter the current exchange rate.

International buyers can be confident that their currency will reach them safely and securely, as we offers reliable shipping through the Post Office as well as UPS. Each shipment provides a tracking number so you can keep tabs on where your money is, and know exactly when it will arrive.

Through its intuitive and simple to navigate website, our business offers convenient payment options in order to fulfill your order. Customers can choose to pay either by Credit Card or PayPal, or even complete the purchase via bank wired funds, MoneyGram, or Western Union.

Save yourself some time and frustration today by ordering from us. We’re here to help!

Three Reasons to Buy Vietnamese Dong

Are you an investor, a collector, or a traveler? There are various ways you stand to gain when you buy Vietnamese Dong.

As an investor, it is advantageous to buy VND since Vietnam economy is among the fastest growing today. This simply means that the VND forex is quite promising in terms of profitability. In fact, Vietnam's interest rate as well as exchange rate is very stable. Ever since the economic slump that occasioned in 2008, many investors and collectors have been looking out for Vietnamese currency as well as those of other upcoming countries.

Collectors too will gain from the purchase of Vietnamese Dong because they are readily available in form of numerous original Vietnamese banknotes, coins as well as stamps ranging from old age to modern age. At one time for instance, Vietnam coins disappeared from the market and the commemorative copper, silver as well as gold coins for a long time were not in circulation. Collectors had to exchange their Dongs for coupons before buying small items. The best news was the reappearance of the coins later on.

The other individual to benefit immensely from the purchase of Vietnamese currency is the traveler. How else will the traveler enjoy the huge variety of meals and fascinating places in Vietnam without several millions of VND?

Buy VND News

  • Bitcoins Acceptance Announcement These days, the financial market has been greatly revolutionized. One of the new trends that you will find is the crypto-currency. This term is used since the creation of this currency employs military-type cryptography so as to avoid fraud. Bitcoin is a new kind of money which makes use of peer-to-peer technology in order to facilitate various kinds of transactions. This payment system is open-source and decentralized. With that in mind, the use of this cryptocurrency is will not be regulated and will not require bank transactions. Any transactions would just be between the parties involved.
  • Typical Features of Vietnamese Paper Money Since the unification of Vietnam, the country has always faced crisis due to the day by day downfall of the currency. Nowadays, the official and national currency for Vietnamese paper money is Dong, usually abbreviated as VND. The Dong paper money can be purchased in Vietnam only as it is issued by the state bank. A typical Vietnamese paper money has a portrait of Ho Chi Minh, who is known as the former leader and the Founder of Vietnam.
  • Largest Money Denomination in the World Nowadays, How Vietnamese Dong is Ranked? The Vietnamese Dong has recently been negatively rated. Its worth is decreasing day by day, which can be seen by the number of dominator paper currency. The outlook of a currency plays a vital role in the recent market. The currency is the only way for a country to have access in the international and capital market. The Sovereign foreign currency exchange rates help a country to foster and grow with stability and determination in the international market.

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